Goonj Video Streaming App

Project Overview

Telenor Pakistan was developing a new video streaming app targeted at a higher educated, upscale population, interested in news and sports streaming content.

Phase 1: Low Fidelity Prototype
Wireframes of key screens and UI components
Create interactive prototype

Phase 2: Testing & Identity Development
Develop questions/script for user testing
Create Goonj identity & app icon

Phase 3: Final UI Design
Apply identity and color scheme
Refine and design final UI components
UX documentation

12 weeks

Phase 1: Low-fidelity Prototype

Using Sketch I roughed out key screens and UI components.

I then created an interactive prototype with highlighting key interactions. Paired with a script and questions, the prototype was tested in the field natively on Android phones.

Phase 2: Identity Development

Refined Logo Options

Final Approved Logo and Icon

Phase 3: Final UI Design

After meeting and reviewing the feedback from testing, I created the final UI design and any remaining screens.

The app is targeted at a more upscale target, so going with a dark scheme and integrating the cyan and green from the new identity made for a sophisticated, vibrant UI.