UI for Liner Law

Project Overview

Liner Law is one of the most prestigious and sought after law firms in the nation representing A-list celebrities to multi-billion dollar corporations.

The law firm wanted an upscale homepage design that would reflect both its values and contemporary aesthetic taste.

After passing on many different iterations I was asked to come in and give it a fresh perspective, ie. crush it.

Low fidelity mockups to explore several layout directions

Final highly responsive UI design

The new direction, displayed here, was chosen during the second presentation and the project was completed within 2 weeks.

Thinking mobile first, the block-based layout adapted well to mobile.

The Inspiration Scrap

I wanted the key values that the firm championed to appear on mouse over and follow it around the screen, or, on mobile, as you dragged your finger around the grid of portraits.

I found the perfect example on CodePen by Nelson Delgado illustrating a Direction-aware 3D Hover Effect, exactly as I had pictured the UI functioning in my head.

Pairing the video with the comps sold it to the client immediately.

Ideas that didn’t make the cut.