Koyal Music Streaming App

Project Overview

Telenor Pakistan was developing a new indie music app targeted at a lower educated population, in some cases illiterate, familiar with Western YouTube and Facebook functionality. They had developed a prototype and needed me to create the final UI design.

Color System
UI Design

200k new users in the first 2 weeks.

The entire project was completed in 8 days.

Phase 1: Research
What the %$#@ is a Koyal?

“Koyal” is Urdu for “cuckoo bird,” native to Pakistan and Asia regions that has a unique song. Oddly tho, I was told no one really knows what it looks like.

Additionally, native Pakistani truck art is overwhelmingly popular and recognized across all regions and dialects.

Phase 2: Color Palette and Identity Exploration

Color Palette

After researching the name and popular art style, I was able to produce a beautifully vibrant color palette to first apply to the identity, and then to the UI design of the app itself.

The variance of colors dovetail nicely into the app’s design system.


Knowing the target demographic embraces traditional home values and supports local indie musicians over more national popular artists, I wanted a readable typeface that was not too upscale or polished.

After trying several hand drawn typefaces that didn’t feel quite right, Ponsi Slab Bold seemed to have many of the qualities I was after.

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Final Approved Koyal Identity

Phase 3: Koyal App UI Design

The product design team had already developed a proof of concept that went through months of user testing in the field. I was brought in to purely do a beautiful UI design that played off the new identity’s color scheme and design elements.

Smart phone penetration in Pakistan is only starting to boom. I had to ensure the new UI degraded well on lower end phones with less resolution.

Before & After
My Likes

Before & After
Album View and Player

Before & After

Player States